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By Mir
May 7, 2008

I’m putting it in “Bragging on a deal” because it feels like bragging, but several of you asked me to let you know about this, so here I am letting you know.

Remember that time I went to New York City? Well, the segment I taped with NBC is supposed to air this morning on the Today Show. I was told “during the 10:00 hour, probably around 10:10.”

I’m a little nervous. Will the magic of editing render me eloquent and beautiful? Or twitchy and bizarre? Tune in to find out! The funny part is that I’m volunteering at school today, so I won’t even be home to watch it; I’m taping it to watch later on, when my husband can sit with me and hold my hand and tell me that I did fine, regardless of what fool thing comes flying out of my mouth on national television.

Edited to add: The clip is available here. Six hours of taping, 10 seconds of screen time, edited to make us all look like vapid ninnies. I am taking small comfort in the fact that Kathie Lee whasthername didn’t even know how to pronounce the NBC correspondent’s name.


  1. You know you’re going to have to put that on youtube for us, right?

  2. Darn it! I missed it. Yes, please put it on youtube!

  3. I was watching, and I never did see it. Did I somehow miss it?

  4. I’m on the East Coast and it ran a little later than expected. I think it was about 10:35 or so. Mir, I already love you and your blogs, and you were GREAT!!

  5. Yup, you gotta put it up on youtube!

  6. I’m in Detroit and the segment just finished… 11:37am.

    Mir, I think I love.

  7. whoops… that was suppose to say… I think I love you.

  8. Fantastic! I am continuously impressed by you, my dear!!

  9. I think I missed it. The Today show is already over and I didn’t see any bloggers! Boo Hoo!

  10. I saw it and you looked great!

  11. Now that you’re extra famous, there’ll be even more competition to win all those prizes… 😉 Congrats!

  12. Looks like you had a fun time 🙂

  13. look at that….i know myself a real-life celebrity! you were maaarvelous darlink!

  14. The editing was pretty obvious. Good grief, can’t they even let you say a complete sentance?

    It was nice to put a face and a voice to the screen, though. 🙂

  15. Very nice! You didn’t sound vapid, you were astute and informed. (And I love the outfit, too, including your stylin’ green Zenni glasses!)

  16. I thought the segment went well…even though I have to agree with other commenters that the editing process can be frustrating. I loved the glasses too. The idea that you are making 10% MORE now than when you were in the corporate world is astounding to me.

  17. Phyllis: I\’ll be addressing this in a post I\’m working on for BlogHer, but that particular quote was frustrating for a couple of reasons. First, Janet had asked the three of us repeatedly to tell her how much money we make. When we were not forthcoming, she didn\’t let up. That quote is in response to her asking me to \”just give her a reference point;\” I don\’t normally characterize my earnings in such a way, obviously.

    Second, what I said right afterwards was cut as well, and that was this: I write for seven different websites on a regular basis, only two of which I own. I also take on other freelancing projects. I am not making that money from this site or my other site, I am making that money from all of my writing, which totals up to a full-time job and then some.

    The way NBC cut it to make it sound like I eat bonbons inbetween \”yakking\” about my kids and rake in the cash was a little, um, manipulated.

  18. Thought it was great! Loved your glasses too!

  19. Mmm, bonbons!

    This is a good “buyer beware” for anyone who considers being interviewed; yes, it’s great exposure, but the message may not come across the way you would hope it would. You did yourself proud, Mir.

    (And… the thought of your Dad suffering through the preceding segment about Glamorous Gams makes me chuckle!)

  20. You looked and sounded awesome!! You can be proud of yourself. And yes, blogging is cheaper than therapy. Why do you think I started? Never mind, don’t answer that.

  21. You did a great job, Mir! I feel proud to “know” you. You should be proud of yourself!

    I hope someday to have more than one or two readers. Can’t imagine actually making the Today Show — wow!!!

  22. It’s on YouTube at the following URL: your segment followed by Dooce’s live interview. (If you go to YouTube and search “Today Show Dooce” it comes right up.)


    Was that a Superhero necklace you were wearing?

  23. It was indeed painful having to sit through so much Kathy Whosis before you came on (especially for my 3-year-old, who was demanding “Little Bear”). At least all your worries about your clothes and hair were for naught, as they opted for a speedy sound-bite montage where you never focus on anyone for longer than about a second!

  24. Aw! You didn’t come across as a vapid ninny! You were as awesome as we all knew you’d be.:-) Kathie Lee came across as a vapid ninny.

  25. A television star. You were excellent. It was fun to see and hear someone that I read faithfully. Congratulations!

  26. I was so excited to see you ladies on tv…and then they edited to CRAP out of it and your whole segment was over in the blink of an eye! What the heck? If they had done that properly, it would have made excellent television. And that Kathy Lee is a moron. But you still looked lovely! And now we can put a pretty face to a name!

  27. You looked so pretty!

    Great job Mir!

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