Flatten those storage problems

By Mir
May 14, 2008

I dream of a world where my closets are tidy and everything extraneous is out of the way. I don’t know if such a place exists, but it’s my fantasy and I like it.

The next best thing, here in reality? A way to cut down on necessary storage space. And look at today’s Deal of the Day over at Linens ‘N’ Things: Space Bagsicon! According to the site I can put my spare linens and such in there and make ’em flat as pancakes. Or at least, you know, flatter things.

All Space Bag offerings ship for free today only as the deals of the day, and that includes both the sets marked 50% off and the rest. Make it an even sweeter deal—use coupon code 26620000008 for 20% off any single item.


  1. Thanks, Mir! I bought these a few years ago and they do work nicely…..maybe not as amazingly! well! as the ads lead you to believe, but they’ll get the job done.

  2. does anyone know?:
    will space bags cause fabric to rot or tear at the crease if stored for a long time? maybe things like heirloom linens wouldn’t do so well, but what about other things? stored for a year or more?
    thanks if anyone knows anything!

  3. I LOVE Space Bags! A couple weeks ago I took the down comforter off of our kind-sized bed, folded it into a Space Bag, vacuumed it and now it’s the size of a “robe box” you might use to wrap Christmas presents! Fits so nicely under the bed.

  4. Shannon – I don’t know about the long term effects as we take our comforter out for the winter each year, but so far I haven’t seen any issues with it. I would think that possible rotting would occur if fabrics aren’t clean and dry; I don’t think the bag would cause any sort of rotting.

  5. Usually the concern I have is that in order to squish them that flat, vaccuum bags tend to break tiny fibers in the fabric, which weakens it over time.

  6. I just got the hanging sets locally, and I absolutely LOVE them…I took over 15 coats and they now hang in the space of about 2 or 3.

  7. Thanks, Mir! I’ve been wanting some space bags. I got four of the jumbo underbed ones, shipped, for $57!

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