Nuvi at a groovy price

By Mir
June 1, 2008

The Garmin Nuvi 350 is the GPS unit I’d buy if I didn’t, you know, already have one. Mine doesn’t do nearly as much as the Nuvi—calling out turns by street name? Awesome!—but I can’t really justify buying another when I have one that pretty much gets the job done.

But maybe you don’t have a GPS unit, yet, in which case you might want to hop on over to Amazon and have a look before they raise the price; it’s currently $199, which is about the lowest I’ve seen.


  1. Thanks Mir! I’ve been waiting for that one to drop!

  2. I have that model, and I LOVE it. I have named it Hugh (after Hugh Laurie, as it’s set to a deep, male, British voice) and I often talk back to it as I drive along. I especially like the way it refers to numbered streets – very good diction. “Turn left on U S One hundred and eighty-three, north.”

  3. Oh, you are my God send! My dad just announced that he’d like one for Father’s Day/Birthday, and I was having heart palpitations over the prices of the ones that talk to you. This drops into the reasonable range for my sister and I to split! THANK YOU!

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