Crispy bags of heaven

By Mir
June 2, 2008

I am not generally a potato chip person, but I’ll confess I have a real weakness for kettle-cooked chips. I’m not sure whether it’s the super-crisp texture or the fact that they seem to have more salt than regular chips (mmmm… salt), but I am a fool for ’em. Especially the Sea Salt & Vinegar ones. Now you know my secret!

Anyway. While I’m generally an advocate of reaching for the carrot sticks rather than the chips, sometimes you’ve just got to have the chips. Am I right? Yes. (Also, sometimes you throw a party and need a lot of chips.)

So check out this June grocery deal at Amazon: Right now eligible Kettle Chips are already marked 38% off, and if you buy any of them you can use coupon code KETTLE45 to take another 40% off. The end result is some delicious snacky goodness for less than the inferior, store-brand chips.

I have to go get something to wipe the drool off my keyboard, now.


  1. I got two flavors and after everything is said and done, .49 a bag for these chips. Thanks so much.

  2. They also make the only baked potato chip that I consider worth eating. Regular lightly salted Kettle Bakes, formerly known as Kettle Crisps, are on my “top 10 foods ever” list. Mmmmmmm.

  3. Pass me that paper towel when you’ve finished cleaning off the keyboard, OK?

    Wow — I’ve got all the little bags of chips for camp now, for $24 shipped. If I don’t eat them before camp starts…

  4. What a great deal and thank you! Hubby will be so happy to see I have yet again spent more money online rofl!

  5. Order placed yesterday and it just arrived. A new high for Amazon!

    And, Yum….

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