Let’s set the record straight

By Mir
June 10, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Good morning! Many of you have emailed me lately about ELF cosmetics, all excited because Nordstrom bought them out! And they’ve marked all the make-up down to a dollar while they sell out all of the old packaging before changing over!

Unfortunately, this is some weird email legend going around. Nordstrom doesn’t have anything to do with ELF. Fortunately, though, ELF cosmetics are always just a buck, and the quality is pretty good. So if the whole Nordstrom thing wasn’t the pivotal selling point, for you, you may still want to check ’em out.

Sweeten your deal with a code or two:
CAROLINA gives you 50% off orders up to $15, for a max of $7.50 off
RADIO gives you 50% off $15+
ECTAPDY gives you free shipping on $10 (can be stacked, but you need to reach $10 after the other coupon)

Happy (non-Nordstrom) shopping!


  1. Am I reading the Carolina deal correctly or is it because I haven’t had my coffee yet?

  2. Hahahahaha… no, I haven’t had my coffee yet. Fixed now. 😉

  3. Hey I was about to jump all over that deal, if I could have figured out how it worked. 🙂

  4. crap…i just ordered stuf from elf two days ago. by the way, i use the “bare minerals” elf and it is FAB-U-LOUS! dang.

  5. Yeah, my neice sent me the “Nordstrom” e-mail and I knew better. She should too because she is a smart person. But I can’t take her to task and make her all huffy.

    I’ll bet someone in the ELF marketing department recently got a nice bonus.

  6. I was *just* wishing yesterday that there would be some coupon codes for ELF soon. Mir, you are too good.

  7. fyi…the radio code is for $7.50 off max.

  8. Hmmmm….I couldn’t get them to stack- any hints on how to do that?

  9. i got taken in by this hoax a month ago. i found out about it the day after i ordered. Then i found out people were having all sorts of trouble wit getting their orders on time and having the orders be correct, etc.

    Mine came perfectly on time. i really like the liquid eyeliner. And the eyeshadow works just as well as drugstore brands (though no better). So i’m very glad i got all of it. i got 18 things from them for about $18 and won’t have to buy makeup for a long time.

    It was a good experience for me, just one founded on an internet hoax:)

  10. Ha! Under Tools, they list Eye Widener. Sounds downright scary!

  11. This is what they said about shipping AFTER I placed my order:

    Due to extremely high demand, we are currently reorganizing our shipping processes to better serve you. During this reorganization, orders will be shipped from our warehouse usually within 14-18 business days of receipt.

    I’m disappointed with the time frame, but it was a good deal.

  12. Awesome deal–your the BEST

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