Don’t forget to stock up on cheap pantry items

By Mir
June 11, 2008

It looks like Amazon’s grocery clearance (started last month) is continuing on, which is good news if you, like me, find great joy in buying bulk amounts of food for pennies on the dollar. Yes! Snacks for everyone!

Check out the clearance grocery items—many of which are already deeply discounted—and then apply coupon code MAYGRCCL for an additional $10 off purchases of $25+.

Maximize your savings by getting your total as close to $25 as possible, of course. Like, say, with these all-natural popchips? (Attention moms of children with orthodonture: This is a great alternative to the forbidden popcorn. Just sayin’.) 12 bags for $15 shipped. That’s a lot of snacking!

By the way, don’t fear the expirations dates on clearanced food items at Amazon. Very rarely I’ve gotten expired items from them, and they’ve always refunded my money (and told me to just throw out the items). No hassles.


  1. I hope they run a clearance like this in July or August when I’m stocking up my daughter’s college apt.
    Looking at sales like this also get me thinking about stocking up in case of pandemic — must. stop.

  2. Sigh. Why don’t they ship this stuff to Alaska?!? Not fair, I tell ya!

  3. Good to know about the expiration dates– I haven’t been so lucky– got some tea and some snacks that weren’t expired, but there was no way we would be able to eat that much before they were. Most of the time, a little past the date is still fine, but I might not have stocked up like that had I known. If it happens again, I’ll call about it.

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