Who’s a good pet owner? You are! Yes you are!

By Mir
June 12, 2008
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I don’t currently have a pet. Well, unless you want to count the lizard who lives on our deck. And I don’t count him, because no matter how many times I say to him, “Bob! Good to see you!” he remains cold and aloof, because it turns out that lizards aren’t terribly cuddly.

But if I did have a pet, I’d probably buy his food from Pet Food Direct, because their prices are good and I am lazy and they ship it directly to you. (Hey, I used to to have a dog and I lugged a 40-pound bag of food home exactly once. After that, I was all about the online pet store.) And because I like you so much, here’s a coupon to sweeten the deal: Use code PER10PCT to take an additional 10% off your order.

Just don’t blow it all on pig ears. I mean, unless you’re into that sort of thing.


  1. Nom nom nom, pig ears! NOT.

  2. Their shipping is PRICEY. Kinda negates the 10 percent savings IMHO.

  3. Yeah, the shipping makes it ridiculous. It was over $16 for ONE bag of food. The food itself was only $26. Not really saving me much money there.

  4. My dog food brand is 80 bucks at the vet’s office. It’s 85 on the website, not counting shipping. Who’s idea was it to get a dog, anyway?

  5. They’re expensive! The already-expensive $25 cat food I buy or my cats at Target is $35 at Pet Food Direct, PLUS another $10 for shipping. That’s a $20 fee for not having to haul it home, and my arm muscles could use the work-out.

  6. Hm. Must check out the bunny food. Hay is very light; shouldn’t cost much to ship.

  7. Oooookay, folks, sorry you didn’t find a deal. There’s a big section of stuff that ships for free—that’s what I was looking at when I posted.

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