I challenge you to find a cheaper GPS unit

By Mir
June 16, 2008

Disclaimer: This is not about the most fancy or full-featured GPS unit, but it is about a decent unit for an affordable price.

If you’re swimming in cash, by all means get yourself a Nuvi or a TomTom for your navigational pleasure, sure. If not, check out this Pharos portable GPS unit. At $99.99 shipped it is not only the best price I’ve seen for this unit, it is the only Text-To-Speech unit I’ve seen in this price range.

Read the reviews and make an informed decision, as always, but if you’re wanting a pretty good GPS for not much money, this may be the deal for you.


  1. ARGH, Pretty Mir, one day too late! We got a TomTom YESTERDAY, specifically for the text-to-speech.

    (Did you know that you can download John Cleese into your GPS for a mere $12.99?)

  2. It comes in pink too!

  3. We have this, and it works great, except the maps are obviously a few years old. It can’t find the local elementary school (built ~5 yrs ago), and on the road, has directed us several times to non-existent points of interest (restaurants that had obviously been boarded up for years!)

    If your neck of the woods is fairly stable construction-wise, by all means, this is a great unit. If there’s lots of development, construction, re-routing etc…this unit won’t help much.

  4. The Magellan 3100 can be had at Buy.com for $99.99 after a rebate. I assume the maps are current. My 3140 (same generation, but with maps of all North America) is a pretty good machine. (I sold off a Garmin Nuvi 200 to get the 3140, mainly because the Magellan has much quicker satellite signal acquisition plus text-to-speech.)

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