Care for a spot of tea?

By Mir
July 8, 2008

I cannot stop laughing at these animal kettles. I mean, sure, the $11.95 sale price is serious business, but the pig won’t stop smiling at me. I just find them hilarious.

Too bad I don’t need a tea kettle. Or have someone to buy for who needs one of these. But maybe you do, because, have you noticed? The pig won’t stop smiling at you, either!


  1. Aww man… the two that match my kitchen aren’t on sale and the giraffe is too cute! Oh well. Thanks for the smile!

  2. Why, oh WHY?!?!? is the giraffe one $35??? Are giraffes just that special? Is the neck inherently more expensive?

    Maybe it’s the fact that it’s the only tea kettle that pours out of it’s BUTT. And it’s craning around to see what the heck comes outta there…

    I totally would have bought that just for fun for my sister at $12… *sigh*

  3. Well, glad to see I’m not the only one lusting after the giraffe!

  4. The ladybug is smiling at me too. SO cute. Thanks for the smile, Mir!

  5. We actually need a new tea kettle and I have an amazon gift certificate to spend 🙂

  6. oh if i only had the room! i love collecting tea pots!

  7. I like the duck one best. It is enhanced for me because it is not on sale, which makes me think it must be inherently Better.

  8. yes, that giraffe is sweeeet!

  9. What, no rabbits?

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