Stay safe in the sun

By Mir
July 10, 2008

Now that summer is in full swing, I trust you have the slathering of sunblock down to a science, yes? One thing that doesn’t change, though, is that if you’re spending any amount of time outside, the sunblock disappears at an alarming rate.

If you need to stock up, check out the eligible sun protection products at Amazon. Buy $50+ worth of any combination of those items, and you can save $25 with coupon code JUL08SUN.

My first thought was $50 of sunscreen?? But then I realized that we easily go through that in a summer. Heck, sometimes we go through that in a month. Might as well get it on the cheap. (I especially like this continuous spray sunblock, which I used to say I’d never buy because it’s so expensive… but I’ve since learned that a little extra money is absolutely worth the quicker, more thorough application. With a 50% discount it’s not even too pricey.)


  1. we went through so much at the beach with 4 kids and 2 adults that I had to go buy more half way through the week. Plus the sun was so strong, I needed to bump up the SPF.

  2. Oh wow that is a great deal. For one can its around $7-8 at wal-mart. So their normal price is in line with the norm elsewhere. But 50% off is amazing! If only we put sunscreen on more regularly. hm…

  3. The continuous spray stuff is great for quick, easy reapplications at the beach. Hard to rub the cream into tender kid flesh with all of the sand in the way….

  4. I love the continuous spray for sending to summer camp. She can apply it herself and it only takes her counselor a minute to do her back. Plus, it’s easy to do a whole group of kids if someone forgets theirs. I bring it to school events like field day and spray the whole team in just a minute or 2!

  5. I’ve use the coppertone continuous…half a can is still sitting on my counter, inaccessible. The sprayer stopped working. Several folks I know had the same issue. I’m hoping it was just a bad batch (small town, everyone shops at the same place, you know). But I switched to the Hawaiian Tropic one, and it works GREAT!

    ’bout time they invented sunscreen for folks who don’t have someone around to put sunscreen on their back! (lest anyone mis-read that – my hubby works while I’m out playing with the kiddos in the pool, and I had the misfortune of letting my daughter put sunscreen on my back once. The burn pattern that ensued? Well, suffice it to say i HEART continuous spray!)

  6. Do any of you have any recommendations for a sunblock that’s relatively rub-proof and can be used on the face?

    My super-pale, freckled 6yo redhead goes swimming at camp and comes home with red raccoon-eyes because wiping the water out of his eyes rubs the sunblock off his face. It looks so painful. And I just keep thinking of the cumulative effect of a bad facial sunburn at least once a week… 🙁

  7. Thank you so much! Just today I was looking for sunscreen (I bought at least four cans/bottles at the beginning of summer) and couldn’t find “the one they liked”. Now I’ll stock up and save $25! You’re awesome, Mir!

  8. Thanks for the deal!

    Dawn: I have been using Neutrogena apply-dry (something like that – it’s the first set of products that comes up on Mir’s link) for my daughter. It absorbs immediately and we haven’t had any problems w/it being rubbed off while swimming. I have been paying $10/bottle at target, but with this deal paid $26 for SIX BOTTLES! Vacation, here we come!

  9. Thanks, Mir! My daughter is allergic to everything but the Aveeno – and it isn’t cheap! I got 6 tubes that normally cost me about $8.25/tube for $25.16 (including shipping!). You rock – thanks for saving me money! We’ll go through that in about 2 months – should last me unti the end of summer.

  10. Thanks Jessica!!! At this price I have to try it!

  11. I simply do not understand the way Amazon ships. I ordered four 2-packs and they shipped in four separate shipments!

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