Hello, Friday!

By Mir
July 18, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

It’s Friday, again. Hallelujah and ponies for everyone! (Sorry, I don’t mean to be so cheerful. Construction inside my house is done and my kids are coming home tomorrow—I’m in a celebratory mood.)

Besides, who can be unhappy when there’s the Amazon Friday Sale to be had? Not me!

Need towels? This would be a great way to stock up for the new college student or to mark a wedding gift off your list. (I don’t care what people registered for—everyone needs more towels. Just don’t buy a crazy color.)

Hey, it’s the redesigned Roomba. How you doin’, big boy?

These book lights are still on the 4-for-3 promotion, if you want to get a jump on stocking stuffers.

Awwww… cheap camouflage camp sets for the kids.

The cupcake courier is back!

This one isn’t particularly cheap, I just have to point it out because it’s the coolest barstool I’ve ever seen.

Here’s another fun gift idea, because everyone likes cake and ice cream. (Do not leave me a comment telling me that you don’t. I won’t believe you.)

I don’t know if I’d pay $78 for this, but I’m intrigued. I tell you what: I absolutely would pay $78 for it if I could mount it directly to my son instead of to the toilet.

If you missed the previous Kashi deal, the honey almond flax cereal is down to $12 for 4 boxes, and the toasted oats cereal is just $15 for 6 boxes; plus if you spend $49+ on eligible Kashi products you can save $20 instantly with coupon code KASHI333. That’s a great way to stock up on the cheap.

Don’t forget to check out the Friday Five—five complete downloadable albums for just $5 each!

If you’re in the market for a booster seat, this Britax Parkway is not part of the Friday Sale, but it is marked down to $59.99 with free shipping. Those will go fast, so hop on it if you want one.

Have a great day, everyone!


  1. Totally goofy question: where do you find the Friday MP3 albums on Amazon? I’m having the hardest time finding them today…

    Need caffeine!

  2. I put a link in the post, Beth. 🙂

  3. Thank you! Love me some Pink Floyd!

  4. Cute book light! Still contemplating the cereals. I’m the only one in the house who eats cereal for breakfast (since Amigo developed milk troubles), so that would stock me up for a year.

  5. I don’t like cake and ice cream, I LOVE cake and ice cream!

  6. Eek, thanks for the Kashi tip! I was looking to stock up on cereal before the school year starts, so this was some PERFECT timing on your part (still using the PSYCHIC THROUGH-UR-COMPUTER SKILLZ, I see ;)). Awesome deal!

  7. So, how do you cash in on the “4 for 3” promotion? I put 4 of them in my cart, but I see no discount.

  8. i don’t like them together. ewww, soggy cold cake….

  9. *Still* laughing over the automatic flusher. Not sure if it flushes for you, or if it just yells at you in a Mommy Voice of Exasperated Authority: “Did you flush the toilet?” Why, yes, I AM going through that same problem with my 4-yr-old. How did you guess? 🙂

  10. Shannon- how about a brownie then? Nice hot brownie, cold creamy ice cream… 🙂

  11. Hrm. And here I was, hoping for a pony. Happy Friday Mir!

  12. @Holly —
    It will take off the lowest-priced of your 4 items when you are in the checkout process, it doesn’t show up before then.

  13. Not everyone needs more towels! When we got married, we had probably 25-30 towels when we combined our two households. Most of those were admittedly mine since I LOVE bedding and towels and things like that. I should probably mention that there are only TWO of us (and likely only ever will be two of us). We ended up giving a bunch of towels away to a family who had just moved here as well.

    We didn’t put them on our registry, but sure enough, someone got us more towels. We couldn’t take them back to the store since we don’t have one within three or so hours from where we live, so eventually gave those away, too. Even with my love of towels, there IS such a thing as too many towels. (Oh, and if you DO give towels as a wedding gift, please give at least TWO sets and not just one. One person gave us one set of towels, which we found a bit odd.)

    But I’m sure most people aren’t towel-hoarders like I am.


  14. Random Late-Night Towel Thoughts:

    On towels as gifts: I’d prefer to pick out my own towels– unless you were buying me Restoration Hardware’s glorious ones (or the Pinzon luxury ones that seem pretty much identical on Amazon).

    Then I’d take whatever color you chose to give me. Mmmm, lovely.

    If you have extra towels, women’s shelters (who help set up women and their children with household goods after they flee their living situations) could use your nice ones, and animal shelters could use your ratty ones.

  15. melanie—-i think i don’t like hot and cold together….UNLESS we’re talkin’ about hot fudge…but that set there has the right idea….separate vessels.

  16. Thanks as always… we did need towels and ordered a few sets!

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