Time to stock up. . . on food!

By Mir
August 5, 2008

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and I’m not just saying that because the kids are about to go back to school. No, I’m saying that because once again there’s an unbeatable grocery special at Amazon.

And if there’s one thing I like better than stocking my pantry on the cheap, it’s stocking my pantry on the cheap without having to leave the house. Woo!

Check it out: Right now there’s hundreds of eligible grocery products, including lots of General Mills and Kelloggs (hint: cereal), from which to choose and save. Get your grocery total up to $59 from amongst those choices, and use coupon code BTSBASIC to save $25 instantly.

Then it ships for free, and you’re stocked up. It’s a beautiful thing, people.


  1. Mir – do you buy the individual boxes of cereal?

  2. Hey, just forget that I asked that silly, silly question. 😀 I found BIG boxes!

  3. 15 boxes of cereal for $37…Thanks!

  4. Thanks, this is awesome!

  5. Holy Cow….Just compared what I paid at the grocery store for those items(even on sale)and I just saved $38.74!!
    And it’s delivered right to my doorstep!

  6. Excellent! I got a bunch of Lipton decaf tea, which never seems to be on sale in the supermarket. Thank you pretty Mir!

  7. I thought there were no basements where you live; where do you PUT all this stuff? Or does the guest room double as a pantry? 🙂

  8. Color me stupid but I can’t get this code to work for me. I have 3 items that adds up to a total of $59.61, I also have a pair of shoes in my cart and I’m told that this coupon doesn’t apply. What am I doing wrong?

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