Gluten-free snacks, for less

By Mir
August 12, 2008

If you or a loved one is living gluten-free, you know two things:

1) Most gluten-free products don’t taste very good,
2) The ones that taste good are expensive.

Hmph. (We had a stint as a gluten-free household. Scarred me for life, man.)

Anyway. One of the brands I discovered while avoiding gluten was Mi-Del, which makes some pretty palatable cookies. And right now, you can choose from amongst eligible Mi-Del products at Amazon and save $15 on your $39+ order with coupon code MIDEL555.

True, even though the items are already on sale, it’s a leetle bit of a misnomer, this promotion, because currently the lowest “combo” total you can get is about $57 before coupon. But it’s still a significant savings over what you’d pay at the store.

And I’m not kidding about them being good—we still buy the ginger snaps, even though we don’t have to, anymore.


  1. I had several moments of panic when Amigo was tested for celiac disease. Thanks for sharing these goodies – I know people need them.

  2. Thank you for this tip! Or, rather, my kids thank you… they’re addicted to the Mi-del oreo-like thingies…

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