Grocery deals fixed

By Mir
August 18, 2008

I posted about this on Saturday, but it seemed that Amazon was having technical difficulties. So! Let’s try it again, now that it looks like it’s actually working:

Right now Amazon is having a big grocery clearance, and when you use coupon code AUGMKDWN with eligible items, you’ll receive an extra 40% off your order.

I’m sorry it was all wonky this weekend when I posted it. I just placed an order, so I’ll vouch that it seems like it’s working now.


  1. Is there a way to tell on each individual item’s page if that item is included in the clearance? I ordered on Saturday and though I was ordering all clearance items but did not receive the discount. I just went through the steps with the same items and (and really thought I was being careful about clearance vs non-clearance) but still did not receive the full markdown. I might just have to chalk this up to being a Munnday.

  2. I guess I’m doing it wrong but it’s still not working for me. I clicked on the clearance link and it showed hundreds of items so I assume they all are included?.

  3. I love Scarpetta Sauces, and we ran out last month….after waiting for several weeks for a sale, I finally placed my order last week. Now it is on the 40% off sale, but after spending the last 30 minutes on the phone with Amazon, I was told that the price would not be changed on my order since this is a promotion and not a change in price. Phooey!

    Think I will order another case or two anyways since the price is so great.

  4. Worked for me now, I’m glad I waited!

  5. Thanks Mir! I got some really great deals! You also might want to let your readers know that Amazon is also doing a deal if you buy $25 or more in Grocery you can get a free subscription to Self Magazine. Or you can fill out a form and send in for the rebate to get $12 instead of the subscription. So I will be doing that to get my $12 rebate to make it an evan sweeter deal on all that cereal and honey I just bought!

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