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By Mir
August 19, 2008

I’m going to preface this deal by saying that climate needs to be taken into consideration; if you live somewhere really hot, skip this one. (The product is shelf-stable but the manufacturer doesn’t recommend subjecting it to extreme temperatures.)

Okay. So. For those of you who don’t live in Georgia, you might be interested in this Amazon deal on Horizon organic milk singles. All flavors have been marked down to $22 for an 18-pack. Use coupon code MILKMIL6 to take another 20% off of that, plus sign up for subscribe-and-save to save another 15% (you can cancel it as soon as your order ships). What’s more, if you spend $25+ in qualifying groceries, you’ll get a free subscription to Self Magazine, which you can instead redeem for a $12 rebate.

That makes the cost of the milk… ummmm… well… really cheap. Even for those of us not particularly good at math.


  1. So I think that’s something like $2.96 for just over a gallon of organic milk? Pretty good. You really have to take ALL parts of the deal to make it worth it, though. If you skip the magazine rebate process, you’re looking at a $15 gallon of milk. I know the singles are convenient and all, but I had to think this through in terms of actual price of convenience, versus putting some milk in a thermos! Thanks, Mir.

  2. Why do they do this offer in the summer?! I remember having to get a refund last time after my delivery sat outside in the 90 temps.. Its HOT in VA too.

  3. Plus, the 18 pack of Horizon chocolate milks is only like $13 bucks at Costco and $15 at my local grocery store…

  4. My local Costco sells these 18 packs for 12.99, both chocolate and regular. Luckily, we have a beer refrigerator (sorry, hubby)in the garage.

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My son loves this milk and our Costco has been out of it for months.=( It came to only a dollar more than if I got it at Costco plus I got free shipping. Score!!

  6. I know all about the shipping label on the containers but…
    this is UHT milk, which means it’s already been treated at Ultra High temperature. A couple of days shipping/heat is not going to make a difference.

    On the other hand, there’s some sort of controversy over whether Horizon truly can wear its proud “organic” label. Not boycotting it myself, or suggesting anyone do, just throwing it out there for public information.

  7. Oh, I love these environmentally unfriendly little things. Anyone have suggestions for a $3 filler to bring the grocery order up to $25 and qualify for the magazine and the free shipping?

  8. OK, I did it! It took me at least an hour each on two separate evenings, but I finally got that milk ordered. It was $14.30, so after I get an email about my magazine subscription and choose the rebate instead, it should be down to $2.30.

    Most of the time was taken up searching for a $3 filler in groceries that was also eligible for Super Saver shipping. But now that I look at my email receipt, I realize that the $3 filler is not on there, because I ordered by signing up for that subscription thing. So I guess… sob … no rebate will be coming because I didn’t spend more than $25.

    This was hard! Either that or I am very bad at ordering groceries from Amazon. It was my first try.

  9. OK, I finally got the magazine rebate by contacting Amazon customer service and begging. But I don’t know if it’s possible to get the deal as originally described without that step. Is it possible to order two different things through subscribe and save at once?

    Maybe the best you can do is to order two flats of milk for $44, then take all the discounts from there. Which would leave you with 36 milk boxes for … $18? Still a good deal.

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