Heads up, carnivores

By Mir
August 21, 2008

(I had lunch with my vegan friend today. Now I’m posting this a little bit because it’s a deal and a lot because I’m a brat.)

Through August 31st, 2008, the half-price clearance sale is on at Omaha Steaks.

Now, you know that a thrift-hound such as myself is never going to pay the regular prices there, but we’ve gotten stuff from Omaha Steaks a couple of times on deals and have always been pleased. Plus, the kids like to “do science experiments” with the dry ice it comes packed in. So, you know, consider it the price for a big meal and the evening’s entertainment.


  1. moooooooooooooooooooooooooo. You can discuss science too when you talk about why steaks have to be cooked to a certain temperature! (ducking… you asked for it!) 😉

  2. And the chemical changes that happen when you cook food. That’s some good science there!

  3. Has your vegan friend seen this? What does she think?
    I didn’t realize that I had been offensive to my vegan friends until I read this.

  4. I had not seen that post! And I have to admit, it did make me laugh out loud in several parts. However, I can’t really relate to the self-pity parts, because honestly being a vegan is not that hard. And it’s not about willpower or deprivation. Being vegan is about recognizing that there’s no difference between the animals we love and the ones we stick a fork into. Some people don’t like this analogy, but imagine that you lived in the southern US in the early 19th century. And suppose you used to own slaves, and everyone you knew owned slaves, but one day you had an awakening and realized “wow, this is wrong. And totally unnecessary. And I’m not going to support this practice anymore.” You wouldn’t then walk around whining about “ohhhh, it’s soooo haaarrrrd not to have a slave anymore!” You would understand why others did, but you also would feel confident about your decision to opt out, and to chart a new path. Veganism is believing in animal abolition, and acting out that belief in your daily life.

    I’ve only been vegan for about 10 months, but I have heard several of these comments many, many times. And in fact, *I* used to utter the “I could never give up cheese!’ line. So I get it, I know where people are coming from, and I try to have a sense of humor about it. I know that when people make comments like that, it’s not about me, it’s about them. So don’t worry, I for one am not offended when people make comments like that (which is why I can post a teasing comment on my good friend’s blog when she posts about cow carcasses, er I mean, Omaha steaks). 🙂 Still, I think the post does have some good “food for thought” in it (and it had some good reminders for me, in how to respond to other people who may have different beliefs or values than me).

  5. Is it just me or do even the half off clearance prices at Omaha make you choke when you see them?

    Guess I’m just not prepared to invest that much in meat in one little click. Kind of like how depressing it can be to spend $100+ at Wal-Mart and then realize that you can carry the bags holding merchandise worth that much in one hand….without breaking a sweat.

  6. Call it carcass, dead animal flesh, whatever. Just don’t call me late for dinner.
    Oh, and by the way, vegetables can spread disease, too, if not handled properly. Remember the recent tomato scare?

    I’m with JB, though. Too expensive even at half off. Of course, I never shop retail unless it’s at least 75% off. I’m just that cheap.

  7. I agree with you, JB! Even at half price Omaha Steaks are waaaay too expensive.

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