I was trying to be strong, but I’m slipping

By Mir
August 21, 2008

I saw this deal a few days ago and have been trying really really hard to refrain from posting it, but I just don’t think I’m strong enough. I mean, yes, I want to promote all manner of healthy things and be virtuous and everything. Sure.

On the other hand, man: Kettle Chips!

Did you know there’s a buffalo bleu flavor? I have been bested by a gourmet potato chip. I mean, who could resist that? I’m only human!

So here’s the deal: Many varieties of Kettle Chips are already marked down at Amazon, and the ones linked right there are also eligible for the grocery clearance, which means applying coupon code AUGMKDWN takes another 40% off. True, you won’t want to do this one unless you’re prepared to eat a lot of chips (or have teenagers, or an upcoming party), but the final savings are phenomenal.

Plus, the chips are really good.


  1. I bought a case of Kettle chips a few months back on one of those great deals. It’s very dangerous….the bags can easily be consumed by one person, ahem, since they are not huge bags. (however , they are definitely meant for more than one serving….) I justified it all by buying the organic chips. Good for the enviroment, healthier for us, blah, blah blah. Still a heck of a lot of yummy fried food.

  2. I wonder how long I can hide bags of chips in the house before the rest of the family finds them…

  3. I’m salivating over the Buffalo bleu, thank you very much, and they are not available!! I would have to explain to my 2yo that they are ‘spicy’ though. She wakes asking for chips, we call her “spud”!

  4. I saw this deal on Saturday. It was all I could do to not order a case of the BBQ. They are my favorite food in the world. I ate them during labor with my last baby. I was hungry and that was THE only food that would make me happy. I may just have to splurge.

  5. *hands over ears*

    no… no… must lose the baby belly…

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