You probably have a penny in your couch right now

By Mir
September 24, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

My local grocery store does this “penny item” promotion each week. Spend $10+, and get their “featured item” for a cent. I always buy it, no matter what it is. Why wouldn’t I? It’s only a penny!

So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that is doing a penny item promotion this week. Except, this one is way cooler than my local grocery store—there’s an entire list of items from which to choose, and there’s no minimum purchase necessary. Only one penny item per account, but still. It’s just a penny! You probably needed some stuff from there, anyway.

(It’s possible I’m a little too excited about this, but c’mon. It’s Wednesday. You can get something for a penny. Just humor me.)


  1. Did I do something wrong? None of them showed up as a penny even after I added them to my shopping bag. Are they all gone already?

  2. Also, if you have a Discover card, don’t forget you can get 10% cash back from purchases if you go through the discover card website and use Shop Discover.

  3. I’m not getting the penny special either.

  4. I am stumped as to why this isn’t working for people. I’ve tested it in three different browsers and it’s working fine for me. Are you sure you’re looking at the total, and not at the savings?

  5. It worked for me, but I got to the end and decided I am too cheap to pay shipping. 😉 If it were something I REALLY wanted though, this is a great deal.

  6. I’ve tried Firefox and Safari and neither one gave me the penny price.

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