Swing low, sweet chair(iot)

By Mir
September 29, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Sure, the weather’s cooling off (well, maybe for you—it’s going to be 85 here today!) and you’re maybe not thinking about things like outdoor furniture, but now is the time to buy such things, because they’re on sale. Big sale.

My folks have one of these hammock chairs and my children think it’s the greatest thing ever. This means I usually only get to relax in it for about 3 seconds at a time, but it’s a mighty comfy chair. And I’d say that even if it wasn’t 70% off, but that doesn’t hurt, y’know? $35.40 is as low as I’ve ever seen this. You might want to get one.

Though I’d recommend against inviting my kids over, if you do.


  1. I agree, they are awesome. Even my 90 year old grandfather was able to get in and out of one (for those of you that think it looks like a device for torture).

  2. Hmmmm… Must have been a one day sale. They’re all over $100 now.

  3. I will never understand Amazon’s ways. Different prices for different people is so unfair. Two hours after you post your price, they are offering it to me for $107. WTF? So unfair. How do you get on their good side so you get the good prices?

  4. Laura: Amazon is indeed the king of pricing changes, but it doesn’t vary person-to-person, just minute-to-minute. Shortly after I posted this deal they jacked the prices back up. Sorry!

  5. As of right now, all the colours except green are showing at $87.

  6. I have been looking at the same camera with my mom, and hers was $4 cheaper than mine…it did make me wonder….

  7. sorry…looking online at amazon, when comparing cameras for her…

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