A tidy car is a sign of. . . something

By Mir
October 1, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Here’s a deal to help you clean up your car.

Right now at King Size Direct, choose from the trunk organizer for $6.99 or the backseat organizer for $4.99. Heck; get ’em both! Or pick one and then find something else you need/want, because if you get your order up to a $10 minimum, you can use coupon code KSRAFAPR KSRAFMAY (new code; this one seems to be working) to take $10 off your order.

Shipping starts at $5.99. You could get both for around $8 delivered.

Please note: Neither of these items will actually clean the car for you. But I have it on good authority that some kids will do it for a popsicle.


  1. Holiday shopping…woohoo!

  2. Thank you! I spent yesterdays code on myself but I bought Christmas gifts with this one.

  3. I tried ordering both and it said the promotion code was invalid…hmpf!

  4. Code didn’t work for me either.

  5. I think it’s been pulled. Sorry, folks.

  6. promo code invalid! bummer!

  7. it was indeed a nice steal!

  8. Darn… it didn’t work. I’ve been wanting both of these. Thanks for trying, anyway!

  9. New code worked fine for me!

  10. New code worked GREAT for me and it’s perfect for my in-laws! Woohoo!

  11. This was perfect for my in-laws and the code worked just fine.

  12. new code KSRAFMAY stopped working.. 🙁

  13. Those of you who had the code work better check the email confirmation of your order– my order was $7.97 at checkout, but listed at $17.97 in the email (for both of the car items). I’ve emailed requesting a cancellation if they can’t honor their own coupon.

    Harrumph. It’s one thing to pull a coupon when you’re getting slammed, but it’s another to bill people differently than was indicated at checkout without any notification.

    No more King Size Direct for me, I suspect…

  14. I got an order confirmation (with the correct total) but today received an email stating the items are backordered. My guess is the order will be cancelled eventually.

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