Halloween candy?

By Mir
October 1, 2008

Me, I can’t buy Halloween candy until closer to Halloween, because otherwise it seems to disappear. I have no idea how. It’s probably stolen by the same critters who shrink my pants around the same time. Very curious. Ahem.

Anyway, maybe you like to stock up early. Or maybe you’re having a Halloween party. Or maybe you just really, really dig candy. Whatever the situation, you might want to check out the hundreds of options of eligible Halloween candy where if you spend $39+, you can save $15 with coupon code CDY08OCT.

Enjoy! (Might want to throw some extra toothpaste in with that order, too.)


  1. I thought that said edible halloween candy at first, and I thought, hmm… what other kind is there? Thanks, as usual.

  2. candy corn eaten with peanuts is oh so yummy and wrong

    you can thank me or curse me later =)

  3. Wowzers, that’s a lot of candy! My teeth hurt just from looking at it all.

  4. Mmmm….my pants are getting tighter just looking at all of the yumminess and my dentist is hearing “ca ching”.

  5. Thank you! I just bought some candy that I don’t like (nerds), therefore I won’t be the one eating it from now until Halloween, and my trick-or-treaters will be happy. They don’t have to know that I saved money and got free shipping!

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