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By Mir
October 16, 2008

Just a heads up—if you got in on the Gevalia deal, I’ve been reading in some forums that their system is not the greatest and many folks had their orders canceled without notification. I had received a confirmation email but nothing else, so I went ahead and called this morning to check on my order status.

My shiny new toaster oven has been shipped and should be here tomorrow. Huzzah! But I didn’t get any sort of shipping notice, so do call if you’re wondering what’s happening with your order.


  1. Yeah…I called last night had a confirmation number and everything…system ate my order! 🙁

  2. The coffee is worth riding out the system glitch! I’ve been with them for years and they send a steady stream of Peruvian Organic to my door. Oh… and the holiday variety “Royal Vintner”.. all I have to say about that one is “God bless us, Everyone!”

  3. I didn’t call — assumed everything must be okay because I recd the email confirmation. And today (Oct 20) I recd a letter by snail mail stating that the item was out of stock and they couldn’t get any add’l from supplier. 🙁 I was dreaming too…

  4. So- update here: I got a snail mail letter from Gevalia today saying that my order would be shipped on 11/13. So there is hope yet, folks!

    I’m not holding my breath, but it will be nice if it actually comes before Thanksgiving! 🙂

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