Toastest with the mostest (for the leastest)

By Mir
October 13, 2008

I have been shopping for a toaster oven for, oh, about a year and a half. Really.

The problem is threefold: First, our old model is too small, and I’d like one with 6-slice capacity. Second, toaster ovens are plentiful but their reviews are often abysmal (just cruise through Amazon if you doubt it). And finally, it’s very hard to buy just a toaster oven anymore—all of the new/good ones are also convection ovens.

Now, I only have a single oven, so I’d love to have a convection oven model, actually, but they’re much more expensive than their less-slick, plain-old-toaster-oven counterparts.

Until today!

Don’t ask me why Gevalia is selling a convection oven; I have no idea. But they are. That’s this oven right here, in case you’d like to peruse the specs and reviews. For whatever reason, Gevalia is selling this $100, highly-rated toaster oven for $34.95. Use code S7B560 for $8 off, which will just about cover the shipping.

And then tell me if you get one, so we can be super secret awesome toaster twins.


  1. The Gevalia site doesn’t seem to be working right now. I was able to add the oven to my cart (plus a few other things — there are some great deals!) but while trying to check out it said that “an unexpected system exception” had occurred. Tried 3 times. No luck. 🙁

  2. I was able to get it no problem. It is backordered, but will ship on Friday. Thanks Mir, you are so pretty!

  3. Update: Order went through (finally). The oven is on backorder expected to ship Oct 16. My advice… keep trying. Thanks Mir! I cannot believe how much I’ve saved on Christmas shopping since following your blog. 🙂

  4. Me too, I have saved a bunch, even though I did not buy this oven. My daughter is very pleased with the Talbot’s shirts I bought for my grandson. And I was very pleased that I could have them shipped to two different addresses. Thanks!

  5. Heidi, the first link is where to buy the toaster. The second link is just to compare reviews.

    Mir, What will you cook in your convection oven, besides toast? I’m debating whether to buy it. Although even “just” a toaster is pretty good for $34. And my family of 5 could use something else besides our measly two slicer.

  6. Thanks Sheryl, I finally figgered it out. Brain’s a little fuzzy this morning.

  7. I got one! I love the convection oven that I already have. You can do frozen pizzas & everything you would normally fry or bake (that is frozen). The food comes out crunchy & GREAT!! (Can you tell I hate to cook?)

  8. Sheryl: I don’t yet HAVE a convection oven (right now mine is just a toaster), but come Thanksgiving I ALWAYS wish I had another oven. It’s possible I won’t cook in it so much as just keep things warm, but who knows. I will have to check back in with the Convection Report after I get this! 🙂

  9. Get your purchase to $40 and use code per612 for free shipping.

  10. Well, it’s back up to $60…As for the bad reviews, I’ve just assumed a Toaster Oven is supposed to be replaced every 2 years or so, that alwasy seems to happen to us. But we do use ours LOTS.

  11. Tina, make sure you’re clicking on the right link. (see Sheryl’s comment above) I did the same thing when I first looked…

  12. DANG!!!! Late on the draw; they’re all sold out.

  13. yeah, no more in stock. 🙁

  14. I was debating whether to get or not and FINALLY decided and the are all gone. That’s what I get for not jumping on it right away. Thanks anyway!

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