Wii Fits in stock at TRU

By Mir
October 30, 2008

Still trying to find a Wii Fit? They’re currently in stock and available for delivery at Toys ‘R’ Us. (Shipping is a little nuts—showing at $13.77 for me—but if you’re desperate for one and tired of looking, at least the base price isn’t inflated.)

For the moment, anyway.


  1. Mir,

    I thought of you the other day when I was at my local Costco. They have the Wii Fit in stock for $87 and change.

    I also thought of you this morning as I put on my new Sketchers. I love them. Thanks!

    Keep the deals coming!

  2. My local Target seems to get several in once a week (Tuesdays). I’ve passed them by a few times, but decided to pick one up this week figuring the closer it gets to Christmas, the harder it will be to find one.

    So for folks who can’t seem to catch the on-line deals in time, I’d recommend checking your Target store.

  3. wii fit acquired! Thanks!

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