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By Mir
November 11, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

So maybe you went ahead and got yourself a fancypants photo printer. You thought you were pretty slick, huh? But then you realized how much photo paper costs, and suddenly you were feeling decidedly less slick.

Sorry about that.

Hey, good news! Right now at, you can snag 100 sheets of 4×6 photo paper for just $5.99 shipped! That should keep you going for quite a while.

Just, um… keep the paper out of reach of children. Ask me how I know this.


  1. I keep getting an error but I’ll keep trying. That’s a great deal!

  2. I keep getting an error, too, when I try to put paper in my cart. Wonder if they realized this deal is too good to be true? Oh, looks like their site is down because I have something in the cart from yesterday and when I tried to look in my cart I got the same error. I, too, will keep trying.

  3. Ok, how do you know this?

  4. I kept getting an error at first, but my order finally went through. Thanks Mir! Now I’ll be able to print photos for Christmas cards!

  5. I went back and found 16 in my cart, LOL. But I did finally get an order through. Hooray!

  6. lol, I had 7 in my cart. Thanks for another great deal, Mir!

  7. Yay me! I could totally use this since I won the printer at work it because of you! It was just delivered Friday! And to say thanks maybe I’ll print you out some pictures of me! You rock!

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