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By Mir
November 15, 2008

Holy cow—it looks like everything is currently half-off at Figleaves, which means now is the time to pick up your Spanx and other fancy underthings.

This has the added benefit of not having to walk through Target with a package in your hand that you forget is there while you browse the sweatshirts, and then your son looks at it and very loudly says, “Mom? Mom! What does it mean that it ‘improves your bottom line’?”

Trust me.


  1. Ooh, thanks for this one! As a busty gal, I find that underthings can be mighty pricey.

  2. Great site and I love fancy underthings. Thanks

  3. Thanks Mir – I will soon own my very first pair of spanx!

  4. LOL!! makes you regret letting them learn to read, almost!

  5. I am a pastor and about a month after I moved to my current church, every decent bra I owned died. So I had to go get new ones, I decided to go to Target, since it was one of few places I could find in the huge metropolis that I live in.

    Of course, I have my hands full of bras (including a scandelous RED one) and who rounds the corner? One of my youth, her mother and grandmother.


  6. Sooo so tempting…

  7. I absolutely can’t order bras online (I have issues finding comfy ones and really prefer to try them on), but you convinced me to get a few other things! I know I’ll never find them cheaper, so this was the catalyst I needed. Thanks, Mir!


  8. A word of warning, because it happened to me… Figleaves is a UK company, and if your credit card has them, you will be charged fees for a foreign currency transaction on your bill. This was not, at least when I bought from them, something they warned about.

    Last June I ordered $400 in bras, with the intent to try on and exchange, and did, getting hit with the fees both in buying 10 bras and returning 9. My $56 bra ended up costing close over $80 by the time I was done.

    Moral of the story: use your Discover Card, or some other card that doesn’t have foreign transaction fees!

    BTW, I called both figleaves and my credit card company and the message was… ummm… too bad so sad from both of them. I knew figleaves was a UK company but thought that since they had such a big US presence, they’d be billing me as if they were a US company.

  9. Leila, when you returned the bras, you should have gotten a credit for the exchange fees, though the exchange rate at that time might have been different than when you purchased (which, if lower, means you didn’t get as much of a credit). You shouldn’t have been charged more exchange fees as a result of the return. I work for a major financial institution and am familiar with these fees. But, yours is a good word of warning so everyone is aware.

  10. Thanks, Leila and Jamie! I’ve only ever shopped there with my Discover card, so I was completely unaware of this.

  11. They don’t accept Discover. 🙁
    (Only Visa, MC and AmEx at this time.)
    Not sure which of those cards charge exchange fees but I paid with MasterCard. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything fits!

  12. Thanks! I’ve needed to replace my maternity swim suit (twins! who knew!)

    Also, it looks like if you order from the US site (not the UK) which Mir has linked us to…
    There’s not going to be a currency conversion charge.

  13. Huh, Jamie. My card (US Bank credit card) charged me 3% when I bought the stuff, and an other 3% when Figleaves credited it back. I called the bank and they just said, sorry nothing we can do about it. I tried to get figleaves to do the return on a different card, but they wouldn’t.

    Capital One, for the record, does not change foreign transaction fees. I have a Capital One card that I used when I travel abroad, and had I known that this was going to happen, I’d have used that card.

    And I ordered from the US site, and prices were in USD.

    The fees aren’t much if you buy one or two items, it’s more of a concern if people are trying to do what I did, order a bunch to see what fits, and then return, since the returns were easy and free!

  14. Speaking of bras – here’s a site that helps you find a brand that fits. There are a few questions to answer, then you get a list of recommended bras by brand and style. Registering is optional. The site also does jeans and pants. I’ve used the bra and the jean feature and have gotten really good advice. The caveat is that you still need to try stuff on, but it’s been a godsend to have some guidance on where to go first.

  15. Wow, Leila, I’m surprised they did that to you! I shopped on a Citi card and got a refund when the credit was done. You may try calling back and asking for a manager, that’s ridiculous. Looks like they can forget about your foreign business in the future, that’s for sure!

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