Don’t forget to Wiicessorize

By Mir
November 16, 2008

Just a quickie for those who either already own/love the Wii, or who have picked one up for the holidays:

First of all: Yes, Virginia, Amazon still has Wii consoles in stock.

But if you’ve already got the console, don’t forget that you may want extra Wiimotes. (I’d recommend getting at least one extra, for two-player games.)

Also, today’s video game Deal of the Day is the DreamGEAR Wii Quad Dock, which comes with 4 rechargeable battery packs and the ability to charge up to four Wiimotes all at the same time.

There’s nothing sadder than dead batteries in your Wiimote combined with children with healthy lungs. Don’t let such a tragedy happen to you.


  1. it looks like the straps have to be removed to place the remotes in to charge. am I seeing this right?

  2. We have two Wiimotes, but have family over quite a bit and could use four. With my newly won gift certificate to Amazon, this will make a great deal for us! Yay! (And the Classic Controllers are still on sale as well, so we grabbed another one of those while we were at it.)

    Thanks, Mir!


  3. Zukppr: According to some of the reviews I read on that charger, you do indeed need to take off the straps to charge the Wiimotes.

  4. A Wii is like a new baby, isn’t it? It’s not the cost of the BIRTH that gets you.

  5. yeah, i read the reviews, but was hoping someone here had some 1st hand knowledge. Thanks anyway Jess.

  6. If you are not a serious gamer, I would recommend getting the Wii Play game w/ remote — it was only $10 more than the Wiimote alone, and you get some nice, simple games that my kids (and I) enjoy as a bonus. Those games and the Wii Sport that came with the system kept us happy for a long time without having to buy any new games….

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