More Amazon toy deals

By Mir
December 4, 2008

It occurred to me that maybe I should number these posts. Like, More Toy Deal, Part 2 of Eleventy. That would be terribly helpful, I’m sure.

More finds from browsing around this morning!

Video games:
Active Life Outdoor Challenge for Wii for $39.98 (33% off)—this has great reviews and is being touted as a great alternative to the Fit.
Star Wars – Clone Wars Plug N Play for $14.99 (70% off)

Board games:
Rhino Rampage for $9.99 (63% off)
Candyland Castle for $7.99 (60% off) (I would rather stick a fork in my eye, repeatedly, but maybe you are more patient than I am)
Cranium Hullabaloo for $10.99 (56% off)

Build it:
Struxx Robotixx T-Rex for $20.99 (70% off)

I’ll keep looking for more….


  1. I can’t get the Star Wars plug and play link to work. I found it on Amazon, but I thought you might like to fix that. I am going to send a link to my friend, but I wanted to get it from your page so you would get the credit. 🙂

  2. Oh my Lordy, my child is getting spoiled enough this Christmas…

    Must. try. to. ignore. the. deals.

    Ack! It’s too hard. Going shopping now!

  3. Thank you, thank you, Mir!! I had not heard of Outdoor Challenge, which is absolutely perfect for my kiddo (who loves the games on the Wii Fit but will like this even better). Hanukkah complete, I think.

    Cranium Hullaballoo is not a board game – it’s more an active, jumping around game for the 4-year-old set. Excellent for parties. You put various little pads in different places on the floor and the kids jump, hop, strut, wiggle to them as directed by the electronic voice.

  4. Ha, yes, Hullabaloo is not a board game… that was my compulsion to categorize it, but you’re correct. It’s a game-that-comes-in-a-box, how ’bout? 🙂

  5. If anyone (like my husband!) asks, the stuff I’m buying today is for my son’s birthday in February. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 😛

  6. Man I was amazed I saw that deal before I even saw it here (was very late this morning :), added it to my cart as I’ve been coveting that one and refuse to pay more than list for Wii Fit, and bam, already gone even as I clicked on the link. It’s just the universe telling I should be thrilled I got a Wii a million years ago (which I’ve been hiding in my office) and don’t need more games.

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