Rice is even nicer for less

By Mir
December 9, 2008

Once upon a time we had a nice talk about rice cookers. And that was… over two years ago and I still don’t own one, because I am cheap, and I have been waiting for the best bargain.

Well, I think today’s the day I get my rice cooker. Woo!

Pick your size and pick your bargain; what you want (if you want a top-notch machine) is the fuzzy logic that works the magic of the rice never sticking or overcooking, but always staying warm. (Magic!) All of the following have fuzzy logic and hugely positive reviews.

The Sanyo ECJ-D100S 10-Cup Micro-Computerized Rice Cooker/Steamer is the one I want, I think. At $89.99, it’s nearly half price.

Don’t need one that big? Check out the Sanyo ECJ-HC55S 5-1/2-Cup Micro-Computerized Rice Cooker and Slow Cooker instead, for $99.99 (not as good of a sale, and more money for something smaller, but there you have it).

Want the very best, and don’t need one that’s very big? Then you want the Zojirushi NS-LAC05 Micom 3-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer for $99.99 (41% off).

I’m just giving you your options. And also trying to feel more justified about grabbing that first one. Heh.


  1. FWIW, I think it’s worthwhile to get a large rice cooker, even if you don’t ever intend to make that much rice. I’ve owned rice cookers large and small, and if I had to replace mine (a honkin’ big Zojirushi, which I love, thank you Daddy!) I’d get another large one even though I rarely cook more than 3 cups of rice. Why, you ask? On the small ones, the starchy rice water tends to spout out the vent holes and make a big mess. On the large ones, there’s enough space between water level and vent holes that all that comes out is steam.

  2. Woo-hoo! Rice cookers! I’ve been thinking about a new one. After a long time the nonstick coating on mine is starting to flake and peel a little. I wanted to just replace the bowl, but can’t find one.

  3. Also, if you keep your rice cooker on the counter, you will be amazed at how many people mistake it for a bread machine.

  4. Groovecatmom, not trying to discourage the purchase, but have you checked http://www.goodmans.net for a new bowl? I’ve bought parts for my mixer there before.

    I’m still on the fence about a rice cooker, too…

  5. Just about a week ago I ordered the Zojirushi NS-LAC05 Micom 3-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer from Amazon to give as a gift (as I am in love with an earlier 3-cup version of theirs). It hasn’t arrived yet, so I just called Amazon and I will be getting a refund for the difference in price. Thanks so much!

  6. How can you mess up rice in a(ny) rice cooker? Throw in as much rice as you need/want, guesstimate the water (I usually use a little more than an inch) level above the rice, plug in. If you find it too dry, add more water next time; too moist, do the reverse. We have a really cheap rice cooker from Walmart that has delay and auto-warming, which is all you need. And we’ve used it every single day for the past seven years with no problem. Totally beats making rice in a pot, where you actually can burn it.

  7. I second Keilexandra, we have a small $10 basic model, and it is wondrous! I’ve even overloaded it a few times on the rare occasions I needed more than three cups of rice, and had no problem (mess-wise or otherwise). In the pot, I simultaneously burn some of the rice and have either overcooked soggy rice or undercooked crunchy rice. Yuck.

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