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By Mir
January 5, 2009

So today I picked up all of our vacation mail, and I’ve just now emerged from a giant pile of catalogs, junk mail, and bills. Yeah. Fun!

Amongst the mail I actually needed was a packet of stuff from my accountant, and while such things usually fill me with dread, this year it didn’t both me at all. Because in 2008 I switched to doing all of my accounting in Quicken, and lo the heavens did shine and the angels did sing. Also, I actually kept track of my finances for a change, like, in a way that other people might be able to decipher. I am so proud of me!

And right now, the Quicken Personal Finance line of software is available with free shipping and $20 off each product. And don’t forget that Quicken Online is still absolutely free, so even if you don’t want to shell out the money for your own copy of the software, you can still get your finances organized.

Trust me; it makes doing your taxes (or taking stuff to your accountant) a lot more pleasant.


  1. We are long-time Quicken users. Now if you see any deals on Turbo-Tax….!

  2. I’m a longtime Quicken user (though I’m going to have to make the change to Quickbooks soon). My biggest struggle has been keeping track of all my receipts. I don’t toss them, but I’ve kept them accordion files that were always overflowing. This year, I’m going to try to divide them in monthly envelopes. Hopefully, it will be another great way to get organized in 2009!

  3. usually Staples offers free or upgraded Quicken when you buy Turbo Tax. It’s usually a good deal, plus I get the Staples Rewards.

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