Towels that look like summer

By Mir
January 12, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Yes, I did move from New England to Georgia, and yes, I am still sitting here, mid-January, wishing for summer. While it’s true that I no longer have to dig my car out of the snow, winter still isn’t my thing. It’s cold. (Well, colder.) It’s dark. It’s dreary.

I tell you this to preface my excitement over today’s Deal of the Day over at The Company Store, because 70% off towels is pretty fabulous, anyway, but 70% off brightly-colored towels that remind me of summer is kind of awesome. I’m just sayin’. Those bath sheets would make decadent pool towels!

Make it even better—use coupon code T6WELCOME for free shipping, too.


  1. I love those…wish I needed some towels or just had some money to buy some I *don’t* need. he he

    I’ll keep watching and waiting for something I can’t live without, though! Thanks, Mir! 🙂

  2. bummer – they’re gone – or at least they are not on the site anymore.

  3. Gah! They changed what was on sale. I hate it when they do that.

  4. They were there, I added to my cart, then… just as I clicked “checkout” — no longer available. Hope someone else was able to snatch them — The Company Store towels are wonderful — very nice quality!

  5. ARGH! I knew I shouldn’t have gone to workout. Crud Bunnies 🙁

  6. On a totally unrelated subject: have you seen this dollhouse by Melissa and Doug? It seems to be a good price. A friend has it and says it’s beautiful. I have ordered it for my daughter’s second birthday, but it hasn’t arrived yet.

  7. Well, I missed out on the towels too, but they managed to suck me in and I bought the football table. AH well! I DID get free shipping, so that was good. Thanks Mir!

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