Final clearance that’s really clearance

By Mir
January 15, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Remember when Linens ‘N’ Things announced they were closing and that everything was on clearance, and how that “clearance” was, like, 15% off?

That was sort of dumb.

But now (how many months later?), now they’re really having everything on clearance. Remaining inventory is all 50% to 75% off original prices, and so now is the time to scoop up a deal or two.

Just keep in mind that everything is Final Sale, at this point, so don’t buy anything you’re not positive you won’t want/need to return.


  1. I saw a local news report about how LNT* RAISED prices before giving their big Going Out of Business discount. Sure enough…the shower curtain I purchased had a lower priced tag under the top sticker. Buyer beware.

  2. Yes, that’s unfortunately Standard Operating Procedure with many liquidators. I know the brick-and-mortar sales have been really disappointing. Saw a few things online that seemed like genuine bargains, today, though.

  3. As sad as the discounts were before, the store closest to me was already really, really picked over. I wonder what is left now with REAL markdowns.

  4. Watch the shipping costs. It wasn’t worth it to me to complete my checkout when the cheapest shipping I was offered was $34 for a $15 sale. Nothing in that bunch was big or heavy, either.

  5. Excellent, two lamp shades, sale price, with buy one get one free deal, and free shipping = under $10. Not bad, thanks Mir! 🙂

  6. I got some adorable decorative pillows for my daughters room that were regularly $30 each, buy one get one free for $7.49 and a lampshade for $6.49, free shipping. So, my total for 2 nice decorative pillows and a lampshade was $20-ish! Thanks for posting 🙂

  7. It appears if you’re not buying something from the free shipping section, they really gouge you on the shipping price. They wanted to charge me $56 to ship four pillows and two clothes drying racks! Yeah, I don’t think so.

  8. I’ll be very, very careful. I bought some nice tablecloths and cloth napkins at Thanksgiving. I’m hoping to score a few more sets of cloth napkins to get me through the year. That’s my new “green” goal.

  9. I scored 3 bathroom set items (trash can, toothbrush holder, lotion pump) and 2 lamp shades (buy one get one free) from the free shipping section, so I got all of it out the door for under $18. Thanks! I’ve been wanting some new bathroom stuff, and I hate the lampshade in our living room (but they’re normally so expensive!).

  10. Shame they’re charging so much to ship the other items, though. I saw a few things I wanted (like a shower curtain to go with the new bathroom items) but no way am I going to pay a bunch of extra money to ship it when they could just throw it in the box with the other items. Oh well, I’ll just keep my money and buy a new curtain locally.

  11. The shipping was $12.99 for all of my order – I think it was a fairly standard price, since it didn’t change when I added items. They had a 10X lighted mirror for $10, so the plates I got as well and the shipping totalled to just under $30. Not too bad, methinks.

  12. Yeah, I tried going to that sale the other day. BOGO free on slipcovers, great, I have 2 wingback chairs I need to slipcover. They just happened to have them and it was $39 for two with one ‘free’. I put them in my shopping cart and head for the door. Shipping and handling? $22.99. Needless to say, LNT can keep their steenkin’ slipcovers. It wouldn’t cost $22.99 to ship 2 *sofa* slipcovers, much less 2 wingback chair slipcovers. Phbbtt!

  13. So I noticed a glitch with my order, and haven’t heard back from the online customer service, and the phone number for them is disconnected. Nice. I got a shipping confirmation, so hopefully they shipped the correct items. I hate to complain over a few bucks, but hey, that’s just poor business. You don’t completely shut down while still trying to make money off of people. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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