By Mir
January 15, 2009
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It seems like Amazon only offers deals on that single-serve Horizon milk during the summer. (That may not be true, but it seems that way. Like last year when I ordered some really cheap but then it arrived on a day when it was 102 in the shade, and when I called Horizon to ask if the milk was still okay, they told me to throw it out. So.)

But look what I just discovered—they’re running a special on Organic Valley milk boxes right now! Packs of 24 are marked down to $25, plus you can use coupon code VALLEY55 to get another 20% off, so you’ll get 24 boxes of organic, aseptic milk for $20 (that’s about $.83/box).

It’s not the cheapest thing I’ve ever seen, but it’s not bad at all for shelf-stable, single-serving organic milk. Plus, you know it won’t be out roasting on a UPS truck somewhere if you order it now.

I’d probably buy it for my kids if I was a nicer mother.


  1. You know what is even nicer? They still honor the free shipping even though you only spent $20!

  2. I got the milk and a book for me and for the 2 day shipping it was only 3 bucks more than what I would have paid for the just the stuff! Thanks 🙂

  3. What does this stuff actually taste like? Regular milk?

  4. I like how they offer “2 used & new” from other vendors. Used milk. Heh.

  5. How did you know I was just thinking about that? We are almost out. My daughter takes her lunch to school every single day. And she drinks chocolate milk every single day. So we go thru alot of the singles. I have tried the thermos, but it just gets icky. Anyhow, thanks for the heads up.

  6. For those of you who shop at Costco, they have if for about .68/box. We always pick up a few cases of the chocolate.

  7. Now it’s $22! with the discount code it’s 17.60.

  8. That seems like a lot of plastic waste for a little milk. Wouldn’t it be cheaper and more environmental to buy a gallon of organic milk and refill a lidded stainless steel or BPA free cup?

  9. Jo: It certainly would, but the milk boxes have the advantage of being aseptic, which means they’re stable for months as long as they’re not opened. As soon as you pour that milk into a cup or thermos, it needs to 1) stay cold and 2) be consumed in a timely manner or it will spoil.

    Maybe your kids always eat what you pack them for school lunch, but mine often bring food back home, and then I have to throw away anything that isn’t shelf-stable. What I love about these boxes is that they can drink it or not, but if they choose for some reason not to drink it, it doesn’t end up as garbage.

  10. Thank you, Mir! The kiddo didn’t like the Horizon for some reason, but I bought him a 4-pack of Organic Valley last month and he liked that – but I didn’t want to pay the price for 4-packs. So much better to get it in bulk, especially with this deal. Thanks!

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