Soy snacks never sounded so good

By Mir
January 21, 2009
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Back when I was in college (fifty million years ago…), soy was one of those foods that only hippies ate. Because it was hard to find, expensive, and often tasted awful. But you could hug a tree while eating it, so there was that.

Nowadays, soy is much more mainstream, and it no longer tastes like something that really shouldn’t be food. And women of a certain age should eat plenty of soy for the delicious and sanity-giving phyto-estrogens that help our bones stay strong and our hot flashes from becoming a permanent state.

Got soy? Check out the current Amazon Grocery deal on Glenny’s Snacks. There’s plenty of delicious snacky options, and the savings really add up. For example, let’s say I want the 6-pack of white cheddar crisps. They’re marked down to $12.45, and then I can save another 25% with coupon code GLENNYS7. That ends up being about $1.56/bag.

I do love stocking up on snacks at Amazon. Nothing makes me happier than a pantry full of munchies.

Except maybe having fewer hot flashes.


  1. You can also get SoyJoy nutrition bars for free at CVS this month — it’s buy a box for $6, get $6 back in Extra Bucks. So you would have to lay out cash for your first box, but after that, every box you get is free as long as you ring them up one per transaction.

  2. Phytoestrogens do help with hot flashes, but they also induce secondary female characteristics in boys who consume enough soy. So if your son starts to develop breasts, maybe cut him back from the soy, yes?

  3. Ha! Yes. I do eat a lot more soy than I let my kids eat. 😉

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