Clearanced clearance, again

By Mir
January 29, 2009

Here’s something I never thought I would say: I am very nearly tired of Old Navy and their recent slew of deals, but here we are again. (I know. It was weird, saying that.)

Nevertheless, they’ve added more items to the clearance section and are offering an additional half off those items with coupon code—you guessed it—HALFOFF. These sales typically mean stuff sells out quickly, so make it snappy if you’re planning to shop. [Edited to add: The coupon apparently only works on clearance items with prices ending in 99. Sorry for any confusion.]

(I was just kidding, Old Navy. I love you! Don’t be mad!)


  1. The code isn’t working for me.

  2. It only works on clearance items, not just stuff that’s on sale.

  3. I managed to pick up a couple of things from clearance, but of course then I had to pick up a couple of non-clearance to justify the $7 shipping charge.

    Yep, they got me.

  4. Yeah, everything in my shopping cart was clearance but it still didn’t work. Oh, well. It’s not like I really needed ’em anyway I guess!

  5. Thanks for the code, I just placed my first order with Old Navy online – we’ll see how it turns out, but I’m really not too worried as this was all SUPER cheap! Just started following your feed recently – you are the queen of bargains! 🙂

  6. AWESOME Thanks a BUNCH!!!

  7. Sweeeeeet. 1.99 leggings for twins who won’t stop growing? who can resist?

    I love Ballerina

  8. Fingers crossed I’ll still be an XS by the time my new pants arrive! (Got 1 pair of new pants each for me, husband, boy, two sweaters for me, and four pairs of little boy boxer shorts for a grand total of $41 shipped. Not bad!)

  9. Stuff is showing in stock for me, but when I try to checkout, it says they are not in stock. Oh well.

  10. I’m not proud of this, but if the deal is too good to pass up I have been known to order something from Piperlime to get the free shipping and then send it back..

  11. Hopefully some of the pants I ordered will fit my ever-growing rear… at those prices, it would be a true miracle!

  12. Well that’s annoying. I wanted to pickup some tank tops. They are definitely from the clearance section, but the promo code isn’t working.

    Ah well. I can live without the shirts. 🙁

  13. Promo code isn’t working for me, either. 🙁

  14. Unfortunately, the sale is only good on stuff in the Clearance section. At first I thought I was getting lots of $$$ off, but it didn’t work on regular sale stuff. No matter–I still got plenty of great bargains!

  15. I tried again for code on clearance items and it still didn’t work.

  16. Odd…it’ll take the 50% off the navy fleece pants that are $5.99, but it won’t take the 50% off the gray fleece pants (exact same pants!) that are $6.00.

  17. I called customer service and the coupon is only good for items with prices that end in .99. So, I just wasted an hour online thinking I was getting a super-bargain. Hope this info helps somebody else out. There are still some great bargains on there though!

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