Bunk up!

By Mir
February 2, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Anyone in the market for a pair of bunk beds? How about this simple pine set for $185 shipped?

I strongly suspect that’s a price mistake. But wouldn’t it be lovely if it wasn’t?

(We had a set like that when my kids were little. The main advantage is that the top bunk makes an awesome first-bed-after-the-crib for a toddler, so long as you set it up on the floor as a regular bed. The railing is ideal for keeping a squirmy kid from falling out. It’s sort of a mini baby-jail.)


  1. It’s already back up to $530. Definitely a price mistake.

  2. Yep, $530 when I click through, too. It was a nice thought while it lasted!

  3. only marginally related to this bed: when you have a big-kid-bed type of kid (say 3.5) who doesn’t fall out, at what point can you trust that they wouldn’t break their heads trying to navigate the ladder to go pee at night? bunk beds seem like so much fun, but sort of fill me with dread.

  4. Holly: I’ve seen the “official” recommendation that kids be at least 6 for bunk beds, but personally I wouldn’t trust my 9-year-old with a set. I think you need to go with your gut on this one. I like this kind of set because it’s easily set up as 2 single beds! (I never set ours up as bunks.)

  5. Holly: we got our then-3-yr-old a junior loft with a slide. Twin size, height about 3.5 feet off the ground (space to hide and play under it) and I didn’t have to worry about him falling on his noggin.

    His younger brother just had it handed down and it’s going strong. Plus, cool slide!

  6. Hey – now it’s down to $419.

  7. Holly, my 3.5 yo is in a loft bed my husband built. It’s about 5 feet off the ground and he does just fine in it, even for nighttime bathroom trips. Ours though looks much more secure as far as “rails” go, and the ladder part is open, nothing to climb over to get to the ladder. I will agree with Mir on the go with your gut comment though. Only you know what your kid is capable of.

  8. Totally OFF TOPIC, but, is it wierd that I questioned the “middle of the night pee trips”? Since my kid potty trained he’s never done this. I can count on one hand the accidents we’ve had in the three years since he overnight trained. Am I just lucky?

  9. Beachgal: As long as we’re off-topic, can I just say that a MAJOR part of the reason I never set the beds up as bunks was because I feared the middle-of-the-night-puke and what that would mean if it happened 5 feet in the air? Yeah.

  10. We’ve had bunkbeds for a while, but our more clutzy (sometime puker, often bed wetter 🙂 child has always had the bottom. I think we started about 4 for the older and never had a problem, except I tried to climb down the wrong side once when I was really, really sleepy (we moved the ladder when we moved houses). He gets up nearly every single night to climb into our bed and never once have we had an accident.

  11. Man, that would have been nice! My 8 & 9 year old boys are just about ready to have their 4-year-old little brother join them and there just isn’t room for 3 twin beds without going vertical!

    They are soooo jealous of the lone baby girl – the only person in the whole house to end up with her own room.

  12. ooooo… we had one of those 5 feet in the air barfs.
    On to pink carpet. Spectacular.

    Good times. Good times.

  13. Price went up to $530

  14. Oh my god, I never even thought about air barfs. yuck.

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