Mmmmm. . . sticky fruit

By Mir
February 3, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

My kids have braces and so cannot have most of the delicious snacks and candies they once loved, but I think the thing they miss most is fruit leather. And now I’m missing it, too, because check out this awesome deal: Shop Select Stretch Island or Fruitabu snacks at Amazon and take an additional $10 off $29 with coupon code FRUITSNK. Save an additional 15% with Subscribe & Save (and get free shipping), too, for a net cost of something like $.33 a snack.

Go have one for my kids, while you’re there. Just remember to brush, afterward.


  1. OMG thank you SO MUCH. My kids LIVE on these and this is a great deal!

  2. 🙁 Oh, they’re sold out.

  3. They’re not sold out of all of them, and I used the coupon code successfully for $10 off even though my order of 2 packs of 30 snacks each cost only $28 after the subscribe and save deduction was taken off.

  4. Strawberry was sold out but it still let me order them.
    My kids love these things.
    Now I have enough to last through out the summer!

    Thanks Mir!

  5. Thanks, Mir! These are GREAT snacks!

  6. With the subscribe and save do you have to sign up on each order? or will it come up after you sign up the first time. Thanks Mir!!

  7. Mir, can you help me with something? I can’t figure out how to combine a promo with Subscribe & Save. I can see how I’d do it if I wanted to subscribe for 2 packs of the same flavor, but if I want one raspberry and 1 apple, I have to choose subscribe and save on the first item, and at that point I’m not at $29 so I can’t use the promo code. Will the promo only combine with subscribe & save if I do two of one flavor?

  8. EG: I emailed you, but yes, that’s correct—it’s a limitation of the S&S interface. You can either mix flavors and use the promo, or go with one flavor and use both the promo and S&S. But if you mix flavors you lose the ability to apply the promo once you do S&S. 🙁

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