Cooking Indian?

By Mir
February 4, 2009

I didn’t know I liked Indian food until I was well into my 30s, because apparently I’ve led a sheltered life. And then I discovered it and now my family has coconut rice coming out of their ears, because the Indian food, man, I do love it so.

Here’s another Amazon grocery special for this month, if you want to stock up and save, and you need a few things to go with your coconut rice: Select Kitchens of India items are already on sale, then come down 30% with coupon code KTCHENND, plus another 15% (and free shipping!) with Subscribe & Save.

I’m ordering some curry pastes. Mmmmm….


  1. Thanks so much for the code and for introducing me to the Kitchens of India products! I purchased the butter chicken and chicken curry mixes for the first time after you posted a code for it not too long ago. My parents are from India (I was born and raised in NYC), so I know what authentic Indian food tastes like. I have to say that the Kitchens of India mixes are excellent. In fact, my husband likes it better than my mom’s chicken dishes!

    I haven’t tried the ‘Ready to Eat’ packs…does anyone know how they compare to what’s offered at restaurants?

  2. I had to try the chicken curry, too. Because I am lazy, I’m going to try dumping it into the crock pot. Mmmm, lazy Indian food….

  3. Mmmmmm, I made chicken curry in the crockpot this weekend, YUM! With coconut rice on the side, delish. I’ve never used Kitchens of India, tho. This is a good opportunity to try it, Thanks!

  4. My husband loves the spinach and cottage cheese – ick if you ask me, but it keeps him happy, and getting 12 boxes for $17 shipped keeps me happy!

  5. Only $5.40 for the Kitchens Of India Puddings, Pumpkin And Milk, 8.8-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6). Go thru subcribe/save and you can use DISCNT4O & KTCHENND discount codes.

  6. You can stack the S&S and KTCHENND with the code UXOHSJV9 for another 20% off

  7. Wow.
    All these groceries in the mail….
    Its so nice.

    I am so craving Indian food! Thanks!

  8. Indian food…yum.

    Cheap Indian food? All over it.

    And thanks Queen for the extra code! 🙂

  9. I’ve only tried the butter chicken so far, but we really liked it. I may have to go with something else this time just for a change, but that butter chicken was really good…

  10. I can’t get the UXOHSJV9 code to work….any hints?

  11. The extra code worked for me just now…you have to enter each code separately–type in one code, click “apply” then type in the next code and click apply. I used the UXO code first. At this price I am going to violate my recently instituted “no more groceries from amazon” rule…Thanks Mir!

  12. The UXO code isn’t working for me either. Maybe it only works on some of the products? Oh well, still a good deal. Thanks!

  13. how do you subscribe and save?

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