Happy anniversary, Barbie

By Mir
March 9, 2009

Look, I’m no huge fan of Barbie (says the not-very-tall, not-very-busty brunette…), but she is something of a cultural icon. And it’s her 50th birthday! And oddly enough, she still looks… well… like Barbie. Yes.

Okay, so, in honor of her anniversary, Mattel is issuing a remake of the original 1959 inaugural doll, and for a limited time it’s being sold for the original price, too—just $3. That’s right.

As you can see, Amazon is offering free Prime or Super Saver Shipping on her, too, so if you and Barbie are tight, you might want to get in on the deal.

(I do sort of like her bathing suit. But the pink cell phone just reminds me of all the reasons Barbie makes me want to enroll my daughter in football, just to make sure she doesn’t turn into a prissy princess. Heh.)


  1. Ouch– I am not getting the Amazon Prime free shipping. $16.00 to ship?

  2. Ack, it was available direct from Amazon a minute ago. Hmph!

  3. Oh well. I really didn’t need it anyway, but couldn’t resist the price.

  4. Target has them for $3 too!

  5. I saw these in the Target and Toys R Us ads this Sunday.

  6. It’s showing free shipping for me. Well, over $25, of course

  7. I guess it was a really limited time, because they’re up to 9.99. And that Barbie is looking super-hoochie I might add. I had to go look, but I was hoping for the classic one-piece bathing suit. I’m with you, Mir- can’t wait for my daughters to learn how to change the oil in a car- even if they wear a Tutu while doing it!

  8. It’s $18.99 today darn it. I meant to come back to this earlier and forgot. Oh well.

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