The economy wants you to eat out more

By Mir
March 10, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Of course, no one can afford to eat out more often right now… right? Wrong! to the rescue—through March 15th, 2009, use coupon code MENU to take 80% off your purchase, and you’ll be pocketing $25 dining certificates for just $2 each.

Know what that sounds like to me? Date night! (Someone please notify my husband. Thanks.)


  1. I’ve purchased many times. Makes great stocking stuffers, favors or door prizes as well as Date Nite !!!
    Enjoy !! Susan

  2. Someone please explain. I don’t understand how this works.

  3. Hmm… my sister in law’s birthday party is going to be at one of the restaurants on there – looks like I’m buy for half the family! (there are 22 of us when we’re all together)

  4. Christin: They normally sell $25 dining certificates for $10 (already a bargain). Use the code, and you can get a certificate for just $2. You can search for local restaurants to see if there are options in your area.

    Everyone, please be aware that while this is a fabulous deal, the listed restaurants typically do have listed exclusions, like that they can’t be used on a Saturday, don’t include alcohol, and/or that only one certificate can be used per meal. This is one of my favorite deals but someone always comes back to me and complains about it, usually because they neglected to read the fine print. Read it carefully, then enjoy your savings!

  5. I don’t mind the fine print when I can pay $2 to get $25 gift certificates. I just purchased 4 for $8(yeah, that’s $100 worth for 8 bucks!) to give as thank-you gifts for my business. I think it’s fabulous. Period.

  6. Our favorite local restaurant is now on this deal. We are sooo happy!

  7. Thanks! Just bought four fun filled trips to the indoor play area/pizza place in our town for 8 bucks! You’re the best, Mir!

  8. woo! what a great deal! thanks for posting it Mir – I’d never think about unless prompted by your posts, but I always feel so smart and pretty when I take advantage of one of these certificates!

  9. There are finally not one, but two restaurants in my area. But the fine print for both of them says an 18% gratuity will be added. Now, I’m all for leaving tips, but what if the service is lousy? I like to choose how much to leave, whether I’m getting a deal or not.

  10. Thanks! That’s an incredible deal.

  11. My fave restaurant when up to $12.50 for a $25! The nerve!

  12. Some places add in the tip because there are some people in this world who will tip based upon the amount after the gift certificate is redeemed instead of the actual amount. So the check would have been $30.00 it comes down to $5.00 and there are people who will tip on the $5.00! The automatic tip helps to ensure that the server actually gets a decent tip, though I almost always leave 20% so they are getting short changed with me. (I was a server in college!)

  13. I purchased $25 gift certificates for a popular local pizza place from at 80% off and gave them to all my kids’ teachers and daycare providers for Christmas. Most of them thanked me profusely and commented on how generous I was! ($3 each–I spared no expense! 😉 )

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