Radio controlled ick

By Mir
March 17, 2009

I don’t like insects. There, I said it. I just don’t. So, personally, I’d like my kid to have a giant remote-control insect about as much as I’d like to stick a fork in my eye.

But maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, if you’re feeling a bit more kindly towards our six-footed friends (and your kids), you might be interested to know that Best Buy is clearancing out their Hot Wheels NSECT R/C Bug Vehicles, and has them marked down to just $19.99. (The next-cheapest price at Amazon is $55.)

I’m sure they’re loads of fun. At your house.


  1. Ugh, that is frightening… literally, as I am moderately endomophobic (only real bugs physically in my presence will set off a panic attack).

  2. Yeah, I’m not even clicking the link, just *in case* there’s a gigantic spider. And I’m pretty much assuming there is. Thankfully, my son knows better than to ask for such a revolting thing.

  3. Looks like fun for my nephew….but those are only available in their retail stores, and while I love not having a shipping fee, there are no stores in my area that have these in stock……:-(

  4. I don’t think they are available anywhere. I narrowed it down to the entire state of Texas and got “Unavailable” and they don’t allow shipping. This must be a Best Buy Scavenger Hunt or something!

  5. I swear they were still available yesterday when I posted this. 😉

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