Text-to-speech on the cheap

By Mir
April 8, 2009

This one is a great deal—potentially—but you need to go into it with your eyes open.

Here’s the bargain: Right now Amazon is offering the Nav 740 GPS unit for just $89.99 shipped, and it looks like it has a lot of features (particularly for that price point), including text-to-speech.

[For the GPS newbies: Units without TTS say, “Turn left.” Units with TTS say, “Turn left on Oak Street.”]

The reviews are extremely mixed, however, pertaining mostly to what looks like poor battery life. Personally, I always plug my GPS unit in when I’m using it, but poor battery life may be more of a sticking point for others.

If you plan to plug it in and don’t mind that it’s not one of the major name brands, this may be the deal for you, though.

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  1. Our TTS GPS provides us unlimited entertainment. “turn right on Las Veg-ahs Boulevard.” Go north on state route 95 semicolon united states route 93 semicolon route 515.” I think we are just easily amused 🙂

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