By Mir
April 9, 2009

Need new cordless phones? How about four handsets and an answering machine for just $40 shipped? (The set has mixed reviews at Amazon, though for this price you can hardly go wrong.)

Word of advice, though: It doesn’t matter how many handsets you have. They will all end up on the same table, together, when you’re at the other end of the house desperately trying to find and answer the phone. If you accept this as a fact of life with a pack of cordless phones, you get used to it.


  1. alternatively, the husband takes it outside to talk on the phone and sets the handset down on the car when done. driving off later to render the handset roadkill. yeah, happened twice.

  2. Or they will be dead because some child left them all under the couch until the batteries wore out.

  3. My favorite is that my mom uses the cat as an indicator that the phone is ringing…

    She has one of the handsets on the bed with her, and the cat (for some reason) likes to sit on it. But she also hates loud noises, so when it rings, airborne cat!

  4. Oh Mir! I didn’t think you could top your other deals..but this one did it. We’ve been down to one handset since the others all met various demises…
    So I’ve had an extra handset in my Amazon cart–to buy later– since Dec…watching the price go up and down over the months..but never dipping below $35…
    And then you post this deal..which is my EXACT phone…so I’ll just hook up the THREE extra handsets to my old phone..for only $5 more than the Amazon’s one handset best price!
    Thank you!

  5. They also ALL manage to be dead simultaneously because the phone fairy doesn’t put them back on the charger. Guess she needs a day off now and then, too.

  6. Did you peek in my windows and see all my phones bunched up together??? How’d you know??!?

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