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By Mir
April 14, 2009

If you’ve ever bought anything from, you get put on their mailing list for daily hot items. And I find that combing through this list each day is probably way more fun for me than it ought to be. Sometimes, there’s nothing, but other times, it feels like I won at a treasure hunt.

I saw two items of note this morning: First, this Uniden cordless phone set. I know we had one of these recently at the $40 price point, but this one is notable because—in addition to an answering machine and three handsets—one of the handsets is waterproof. Pool season is coming! (And it’s never a good season to drop your phone in the bathtub, either, so there you go.)

Second, today they’re offering the Magellan Roadmate 1412 GPS for $79.99 shipped, and this unit has Text To Speech, which is really hard to find for under a hundred bucks.

Both of these items are refurbished, but I prefer to think of them as being double-checked and cheap. You’re welcome.


  1. Thanks for the phone lead. We have these phones and my kitchen one is dying a slow death from overuse. We’re also moving to a house with a pool so this would be a great set to replace parts of our old set and add to it with the waterproof phone.

  2. That gps also has a $20 rebate. 🙂

  3. Oh, wait, the $70 was with the rebate..

    Ignore me.

  4. Oh, wait, the $70 was with the rebate..

    Ignore me.
    Sorry, should have mentioned great post! Waiting on your next post!

  5. Don’t buy them our phones are full of static and the range is not very good. The waterproof handset is waterproof. We have tested it many times.

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