I dream of sleeping

By Mir
April 14, 2009

Sleeping is on my top five list of favorite things to do that I don’t get to actually do nearly often enough. That would be kind of admirable if I was a neurosurgeon, or something, but as it is… well, let’s just pretend it’s not pitiful.

When I do sleep, though, it must be on cotton sheets with a reasonable thread count. That I got on sale (natch). Like these 400 thread count cotton sheets, available in a variety of colors for either king or queen beds, for around $25 or $28. That’s my kind of deal.

Now if only I could buy the extra free time to sleep on them for longer….


  1. Perfect! This is just what I needed. Sheets and toilet paper are 2 things I refuse to buy at full price.

  2. Thanks!!!!

  3. It’s embarrassing how badly I need sheets. Going to give these a shot!

  4. I’ve been looking for more white sheets (ripped a hole in our other set), but agree with Elizabeth, I won’t pay full price for them. So that worked out rather well!

  5. Hey Mir!
    How come when I click on the link, it says $45?
    What am I missing?

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