Microbiological what, now?

By Mir
April 20, 2009

Hey, sorry I disappeared all afternoon. I had to take a sick kid to the doctor and then convince the pharmacy that yes, they really did want to give us some delicious medicine. Days like today, being a mom is totally awesome.

But, uh, I have germs on the brain, now. I cannot imagine why.

Apparently my Vulcan mind meld with Amazon is nearly complete, because their Gold Box Deal today is the Pur Two-Stage Water Dispenser, which takes out all of the bad stuff (“microbiological cysts” to which I say “There are cysts in my water??“) but leaves the fluoride. And the water. I think. I mean, I’m pretty sure.

Do you think my kid is sick because I didn’t properly filter his water? Don’t answer that.


  1. hope monkey is back to his monkey-rific self and soon!!

  2. Of course it is your fault. You are the mom. It is always your fault. Let’s say it together class, ” I am the mom. It is ALWAYS my fault.”

  3. unless you’ve been giving him water from an un-sanitized source (ie, a mud puddle), I wouldn’t worry too much about the water… (I am in a class that just finished covering unclean water, and has moved on to milk and superbugs.)

  4. erm, the milk and the superbugs are two separate things. not related.

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