You never know when you’ll need to whittle

By Mir
May 11, 2009

Swiss Army knives are great for all sorts of things, from genuine uses while camping to me demanding my husband hand over his knife so that I can use the teeny tiny scissors to clip a thread on my shirt that’s bothering me. (Please tell me I’m not the only person who does that…?) And my kids are getting to the age where their scouting friends are earning their knives, and they want knives, too, because if those kids jumped off a bridge, well, you know the rest. Anyway.

Right now Amazon is running a special on Victorinox knives and tools. Spend $50, and you’ll save $10 off your purchase, automatically.

So you can go ahead and just take $10 off the already-reduced price on a combo Swiss Army laser and thumb drive (perfect Father’s Day gift for the geek in your life!), or you can mix-n-match less expensive items to get to $50 and enjoy the discount that way. Did you know that they make a trainer toy for the little ones? Perfect for the youngest sibling who’s not old enough for a real knife yet!

Happy shopping, and be careful with those things. You could put someone’s eye out.


  1. I got one of the thumb drives for my husband a couple of years ago and he loves it.

  2. This brings out both the Geek and the Girl Scout in me.

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