Ohhh, more HFCS-free goodness!

By Mir
May 13, 2009

Go Amazon! They not only have those fruit ropes on sale, today, but the Gold Box Deal is big savings on various Kashi products—including lots of cereals and snack bars my family loves.

Don’t forget Subscribe & Save for an additional 15% off and free shipping!

Publix has the Kashi cereals on 2 for $5 special, this week, and the prices here on a couple of cereals I checked are comparable or less.

Here: Need some suggestions? My daughter eats this probiotic toasted graham and vanilla cereal every morning for breakfast, while my son alternates between the Heart To Heart toasted oats (comparable to honey nut Cheerios, though I confess the Kashi version really does look like kibble) and the Honey Sunshine (comparable to Cap’n Crunch). Also, they will pick these blackberry graham bars over candy. No fooling.

I heart Kashi.


  1. Yay! Cereal bars and cereal for my kiddo. Thanks Mir!

  2. I already made my purchases – blackberry graham bars, vanilla hot cereal (that’ll be a new one for us, but we’re on an oatmeal kick and it’s good for you), and Kashi Go Lean CRUNCH! cold cereal. I can’t get enough of that stuff, I got an order of it last time Amazon had Kashi on sale, too.

    I am subscribed and saved. Locked and loaded. Ready for lots of fiber coming my way.

  3. Glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks the Heart to Heart looks like cat food.

  4. My son also loves the “purple cookie bars” aka blackberry graham bars. 🙂

  5. thanks mama.
    s & s on both some kashi cereal and the clif twist deal.
    wouldn’t have found it w/o ya!

  6. my kids love those bars too – and will eat them over just about anything. they’re good but are they really that good? have these kids tasted a SNICKERS!? oh wait, mine haven’t…that works:-)

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