For every thing a label, and every label a thing

By Mir
May 19, 2009

I don’t know what it is y’all are doing, organizationally, that gets you so excited every time there’s a labelmaker deal, but far be it from me to keep you from your appointed labelling activities. Or something.

Behold: Today is offering the Brother PT-80 Thermal Label Printer for just $13.99 shipped.

This is not one of the itty bitty handhelds; this is the larger model, kind of the king of the little labelmakers. (And we all know’s “original price” is way inflated, but for comparison purposes, consider that it’s on sale at Amazon for $22; still a great deal at Buy.)

Go forth and label, folks.


  1. Nabbed it, thanks. I think for once I will make the hubs happy on Father’s Day.
    Gosh, that makes me sound like I don’t put out. Oh well.

  2. Sweet! Hubby had one a few years back and was bereft when it broke and had to start labelling everything (and I mean everything) with Sharpies. This should make him happy.

    Carrie – you totally cracked me up!

  3. Oh great. My honey doesn’t seem to be able to pass up a good deal–EVEN THOUGH HE ALREADY HAS ONE OF THESE! Avert your eyes, honey. Go about your business.

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