If you missed the last Dyson deal

By Mir
May 20, 2009

Remember back a while ago when Macy’s had the Dyson DC18 Slim vacuum on sale for just $250? They’re doing it again, and you can use coupon code SUMMER to ship it for free, too.

The same machine is currently selling for $469 at Amazon. I’m pretty sure this model is being discontinued, but at that price, who cares? It’s a cheap Dyson. It makes me want to go kick my own vacuum just so that I have an excuse to buy one.

Just kidding. Mostly.


  1. I got in on this deal last time and I’m so thankful I did because every day I get to proclaim my love for my shiny and very suckworthy Dyson. 🙂

  2. I bought this last time around too and I love it! I love that it is slimmer than the original which makes it easier carrying it up two flights of stairs. Would highly recommend this!

  3. OK, I am contemplating getting this because I have a young child with lots of allergies (jury’s still out on the asthma thing). My regular vacuum appears to work just fine, but of course I want to do everything I can to help her. Is this worth it? Can anybody out there speak to how it stacks up against a high-quality bag vac? Thanks in advance…

  4. Yay, thank you! I’d been planning to buy a Dyson as a wedding gift to my brother, and this is way less than I thought I’d have to spend– and the happy couple will still think I’m being super generous! I had my sister buy them one of the cookware sets you suggested a few weeks ago, Mir, so she looks like a big spender, too. Is it wrong to dupe family in the name of saving? 🙂

  5. I’m going to speak against the majority and say I bought this last time and I HATE IT!

    It falls over very easily; the attachment wand keeps clogging (granted I have three long-haired cats and old carpeting but come on, you can’t get cat hair down a tube?); I have to push the power button and hold it down for a couple of seconds before it will decide to stay on; and I really have a hard time getting it to stay upright: when I use the attachments especially the latch holding the vacuum upright will disengage and the whole thing will fall over, which turns off the suction to the attachment wand. I FIGHT with this darn thing constantly.

    It does suck REALLY well, but it VEXES me and cleaning the vacuum itself is a big pain. I am allergic to dust, and cleaning the collection tank is always a production for me.

    I miss having a bag vacuum that you can just put the new bag in and throw away the nicely contained old stuff.

    So, maybe I got a dud, but I’m not happy with it. But I spent too much money on it to give it up at this point. I secretly wish it would DIE though!

  6. Unless you are lugging your vacuum upstairs and need this one because it weighs less, I would recommend getting the DC14. It has the most sucking power of all Dysons (250 airwatts). And it doesn’t really roll when you push it… it sort of glides. I love my Dyson DC14. It was worth every penny.

  7. Wal-Mart has a Hoover Whisper available online for about $98 that is based on a patent that Dyson let expire. HIGHLY reviewed online. Free shipping to your local wal-mart store.

    (just another option to explore.)

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